I’m Bex, knitter, reader, and mum of 1.5. I founded my business selling my handmade traditional toys and nursery items in April of 2013, while on maternity leave with my first child. Cave of Crafted Wonders was born out of my love of making things for him, and my desire to never not have a project on the go! I got to a point where I was ending up making things with no idea who they were for, so I thought why not try to sell them? So far it’s going pretty well, and I love that it’s given me a platform to extend and develop my skills as well as to try every new idea that comes into my head.

I’m hugely inspired by fairytales and the worlds of childhood imagination, and am fuelled by my other great passion, literature. Although I’ve been making things in some form or another since I was a child, originally (and still primarily!) I’m a reader and book blogger. If you’re interested in reading about my literary life, my book blog is An Armchair by the Sea, feel free to come and visit me! If you are the author, publicist or publisher of a craft or knitting related book you’d like me to review, I’m more than happy to consider it, please just contact me using the form below!

I love the blogging community, and reading about other people’s crafting lives and projects is a huge source of inspiration to me. If you have a blog yourself or would like to give any recommendations of the blogs that you love, they would be very gratefully received, as I’m fairly new to the craft blogging world and still finding my feet!


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