Project: Easter Egg Post Box

My little boy is 18 months and I’m 31 weeks pregnant with number two, which leads to me feeling like a horrendous, exhausted parent most of the time. When we were kids (I’m the eldest of seven) my mother was forever doing craft activities with us, taking us on journeys of exploration, and we had a massive dressing up box and spent about 50% of our time playing imaginary games. This week I discovered The Imagination Tree, which is amazing. It’s basically just a huge font of projects and ideas and things to do with your kids, and I started making a Pinterest board which is pretty much just full of stuff from this awesome website!

Ben loves sorting and posting things at the moment, and he’s also a gigantic fan of Postman Pat so this morning, while making breakfast and staring at the box of recycling to be taken out, I had a brainwave, and we decided to turn one of the leftover Easter egg boxes into a postbox for him to play with. This is the first time he’s helped me with a craft activity involving sticking things, and we had a great time, which will just teach me, once again, not to assume he’s too young for stuff until we’ve tried it!

ben posting

Ben, trying out his undecorated box.

Firstly we found a box which didn’t have any holes in it apart from the one in the bottom, just the right size for posting things, and we taped up the top. Then we covered the box with red paper. This led to much hilarity with the glue, as Ben had some 5p coins he was posting into a moneybox and kept trying to stick them to the box…

covered boxThis is it covered in paper, with an extra strip added on by Ben, which was later secretly removed by his mother. Then came decorating, and I remembered my sticker drawer just in time! The choices were fairly random as it wasn’t particularly geared up towards kids crafts, and more towards card making, but we now have a list of stock for Ben’s craft cupboard which we’re going in search of this afternoon.

bens postbox

The finished product

And the finished product! It took us about 30 mins in all which is not at all bad when you have an 18 month old in charge of stickers and colouring. Now I just have to find something to seal the edges with so they don’t immediately peel up. I don’t really want to sellotape them because it will look odd, so so far the only idea I have is to cover the whole thing in PVA glue. Can anybody suggest anything else?





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