Current projects & impractical business expansion..

I’ve been much quieter than anticipated the past few weeks, and I apologise. Lots has been going on around here, firstly with a major laptop failure which ended in us not having a laptop at all for a couple of weeks, and then with pregnancy related things, but anyway! Here I am with a little update on what’s been going on in Bex world 🙂 

Firstly, I had my first sale on Folksy (woo!!). I started off on Etsy probably just under a year ago and love it. The community feel and the sheer amount of talent is amazing, and my sales picked up steadily over the Christmas period. It’s just nice to have it there and know that at any time, I could sell something. I looked at Folksy for a while before deciding to give it a go, and I’m still unsure about it if I’m honest. I like the way my shop looks more than on Etsy, but that’s about all I prefer. The site itself I find a lot more difficult to navigate and it’s much more difficult to find anybody – I feel much more isolated on Folksy than on Etsy. Still, it was nice to have a sale and know that people are at least seeing my work! 

Speaking of work, I seem to have an issue whereby I become super inspired to make loads of things for my business and take it in loads of different directions just when I’m about to have absolutely no time in which to do so! At the moment there are so many new ideas buzzing around my head and I really want to start focusing more on craft fairs and marketing in general, plus giving my whole brand a bit of an overhaul, but I’m 30 weeks pregnant and so most of that isn’t practical thinking at the moment! I guess I will just have to keep my ideas on the back burner and do little bits of what I can once we’ve settled into life with our new little one, all being well! 

I have been making lots of these though. Image

They are gorgeous hand knitted baby cot blankets. Unfortunately (or fortunately, really, but you know) I’ve had so many request for them that I’ve not yet been able to start on one for our own little bundle of awesomeness! I’m hoping to rectify that sometime in the next couple of weeks though, although if you do want one I can do them in any colour and you can order them here! And check out how much better the camera is on my new phone! I can’t get over how much crisper the image is 🙂

Finally, and speaking of Etsy team spirit, I’m participating in an ‘Etsy School’ event during May to help train us all to optimize our shops and businesses in general for search engines. If you’d like to take part you have to be part of a participating team, but there are loads of them all over the world! If you’re UK based and interested, this is my team and we’d love you to join us! We will be pairing up everybody who wants to join in so that they are working with a partner on the workbook and few weekly exercises given by Etsy, and then offering additional resources, support and advice in the team itself. I’m excited about it!

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