Scones and UFOs

By which I mean unfinished objects, of course… I wanted to wait until I’d finished at least one of the two big projects I have on the go at the moment before posting, but then I looked at how long it had been since I last posted and decided that I am not going to let this blog go the way of the last craft blog I tried to keep, and thus, here I am, with my slightly wobbly pictures.


We have made a few different buttermilk scone recipes, but found this one in this little Cupcakes and Muffins book which has been sat on our (ridiculously overflowing) recipe bookcase for a year or two. Having not eaten dinner yet, due to a failure to check the setting on the toaster leading to the burning of my tea cake, I just went to grab a scone expecting it to be quite crumbly, but this recipe unlike those we’ve previously used, has actually turned out really springy and just sweet enough without being too much. Because I’m a heathen, I just ate the scone as is, but I can imagine it would be brilliant with jam and clotted cream. Unfortunately this batch (minus the two I ate, obviously) is actually destined for my father in law, but I will definitely be making more!

This is my finished object, now for the unfinished ones…


The light in my house is horrendous and the good camera is still lost in the vast expanses of my parents’ house, so you’ll have to forgive how totally impossible it is to see anything here. This is the Big Honkin’ Bag I’m working on at the moment, except that due to my failure to believe in the power of gauge combined with my desire to use a certain colour of Folksong that I had regardless of the fact that it wasn’t the right yarn for the pattern, and without adjusting the needle size, it’s not that big, but never mind. I’m enjoying the pattern so far so it won’t be a problem to knit another and have two!

I did check the gauge for my second UFO, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. I’ve made it big enough so that I can hopefully give it to my son when he turns 2 in October, but because it’s only my second ever attempt at sewing a jumper together, I’ve chickened out of showing you the body minus sleeves situation we have going on here, and instead have just taken a pretty picture of the lovely sheep square which buttons on to the front. The greatest thing about this pattern (which is Button It! from the Stitch n Bitch Superstar Knitting book) is that it has four little intarsia squares which just button on to the front of the jumper, meaning it’s effectively four different jumpers but with only having to sew sleeves in once. Can you tell I’m not enjoying the sleeve sewing? Also, once the child outgrows the jumper, you can just knit the next size up and use the same squares to button on to the front! Genius!


I’m hoping both of these will miraculously turn into finished objects in the next few days, but you never know with me and big projects, really, which is why I generally stick to toys.

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  1. The scones sound perfect! Yum. 🙂

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