Let’s Start Over


I’m Bex and I’ve been blogging as as book blogger over on Blogger for over three years now. An earlier incarnation of this blog, based around my love of craft and creation, is also Blogger based, but Blogger and I have been falling out of love, for many reasons, for a long time, and so I thought it might be nice to head over to WordPress and have a look around. I feel like it might help my (almost impossible to achieve) ambition to be one of those bloggers who posts regularly and takes beautiful photos and is always really organised.

In reality, posts are likely to be sporadic, the photography will hopefully improve as the year progresses but we’ll see, and I am not at all organised!

Because it’s nice to be able to look back and see where you were when you started, here’s a little about what’s what around here.

I started my business selling my handmade items just under a year ago now. The initial inspiration for Cave of Crafted Wonders was based purely on the desire to be able to fund my craft habit while on the last three unpaid months of my maternity leave after having my first son. Also, after having a child, I realised how difficult it is to entertain said child without hours of TV, and so I started looking into the traditional toys my siblings and I had loved as children; blocks, balls, finger puppets, dressing up and the rest, and I was quickly inspired to create my first item.


The first toys I ever created!

After a while (and much support from lovely friends and family) I discovered the joys of Etsy and Facebook, and other people started to buy some of my designs, and that’s pretty much where I am today.

Where I’ll be in 6 months time is a totally different story, as I’m currently 6 months pregnant with baby number 2, also a boy, and have no idea how I’ll make time for crafting with a 20 month old and a newborn, but I’m sure it will work itself out!

Knitting is my major love at the moment, but I’m also starting to learn to quilt, and hopefully to crochet soon too, so I’m not restrictive. I love how inspiring crafting is, and the craft community in general. Because of Etsy I now buy pretty much all of my gifts and non-necessities from small, handmade businesses and have had such great feedback from family and friends that a lot of them are doing the same, which is amazing.

Blogging is a huge love of mine which I discovered only after relocating 100 miles away from all my family and friends and I’m so glad that I did! Through book blogging (if you’re interested you can read my book blog here) I’ve made so many amazing friends, a lot of whom I actually see on a regularish basis now, and I’m hoping that craft blogging will become the same kind of awesome experience. If you have a craft blog, I’d love to read it, please link it in the comments 🙂

So the first post is done, let’s see where this takes us…


The most inspiring and cheerful flower ever, being subjected to my awful photography…

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